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Stream your mix live!

Record and awesome record in your bedroom or garage?  Want to have it mixed by engineers who have songs on the radio right now?  Don't live in Nashville?  No worries, we've got you covered.

Now, we are able to push a high resolution stream straight from our desk to your earbuds, couch, bedroom, garage, or wherever you want. How does it work?  As long as you have internet access, we will send you a secure link and set a date for your mix to be done. You can tune in listen to the process and even chat with us in real time to really make sure your song sounds the way you want it to.  Get real pros from Nashville to mix your song from anywhere in the world.




Depending on the number of songs and your timeline, the rate could change.  Feel free to reach out for a quote!



Dude.....LOVING what you sent back this week for Jenn Renee Cruz. Seriously awesome work Ryan!
— Andy Cruz - VIA Facebook
Working with Ryan was an exceptional experience. The whole vibe was great. He is a musician himself so he knew how to make a musician feel at home. It also helped in getting creative juices flowing to make our record the best it could be. My vocals sound better than I have ever heard them before. I will be coming back again and again.
— Zak Paul, BeyonDuplication


I will treat your songs the way they deserve to be treated.  You've poured your heart, soul, and time into your album and it's my job to make sure it sounds and feels the way you want it to.  I work hard to make sure to preserve the unique sound you've put into your tracks while making sure the mix will compete in today's tough market.

About Me


...and I have a problem…I’m addicted to music. I’m addicted to the art of making music. I’ve spent way too many nights in dimly lit rooms perfecting the art and craft of making records, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I've been working in music for over a decade.  I've had songs on radio all over the world.  Mixing isn't a technical exercise for me, it's a very musical experience.  I've studied music since I was 4 and I use this to create mixes that are very musical and creative.