Our Studio is located in the Berry Hill area of Nashville, TN.  This is the type of place where you can sing barefoot if you want.  We want you to come in a be as comfortable as possible.  Make sure you check out our package deals for the best prices!


$250 w/assistant engineer

Additional day rate for lead engineer may apply.


Depending on the number of songs and a few other things this rate could change.  Head over to the contact page and give us some details about your project and we’ll get back with you.  If you're not local make sure you check out our Online Mixing services.


We offer several our services in a package deal.  This allows us to keep prices reasonable and still deliver the quality work our clients demand.


Come in and get your demos and records done with real professionals, not in a bed room.  This package includes 3-5 songs recorded and mixed.

THE BAND – $2000

This package is a great deal for the budding band.  This package includes 7-10 songs fully tracked, recorded, and mixed.


This is the same as above, but you get 100 Cds, 250 Download cards, and digital distribution through us.  This is a great option for a band that is ready to go.  You can walk out our door ready to sell to your fans and let them hear your music on all the major digital distributors.