Testimonials - Updated when I have time

Working with Ryan was an exceptional experience. The whole vibe was great. He is a musician himself so he knew how to make a musician feel at home. It also helped in getting creative juices flowing to make our record the best it could be. My vocals sound better than I have ever heard them before. I will be coming back again and again.
— Zak Paul, BeyonDuplication
 Photo from the BeyonDuplication Facebook page

Photo from the BeyonDuplication Facebook page

Dude.....LOVING what you sent back this week for Jenn Renee Cruz. Seriously awesome work Ryan!
— Andy Cruz - VIA Facebook
I’ve been making albums for over a decade and have found that the key to recording great music is a good quality mix. Look, you wouldn’t let just anyone cut your hair before a big date, so don’t let just anyone mix your music. Ryan has helped to give my songs the sound they deserve. If you’re writing good songs, why not take them to Ryan and let him make them sound great!
— Nathan Conrad - Spoken Nerd, State Parks, Invisible Library Records