Take A Stand Music is founded on one simple idea. Artists, songwriters, and bands should be able to make a living doing what they do best, create. The music industry fell behind the times and never caught up to how the modern, connection based economy works, and we’re changing that.  We've come up with something that we feel is the future of the music industry, the Music Concierge Service.  The idea is that you need the services that a traditional "label" does, however you don't want to give up control of your masters or get the unfair royalty rate they will likely give you.  Don't worry, this is where we come in...


The 20th century music business doesn’t work, we're fixing it. Take a Stand Music Group offers a brand new concept to the music industry, the Music Concierge Service.  This concept includes the following services:

-Recording, Mixing, and Mastering Services

-Artist management

-Website design and e-commerce

-Social Media management

-Merchandise and Sales management

-Digital Distribution

How is this any different?  You can pick what you feel your career needs, and we will put together a plan and contract for just what you feel you need.  You get a team of people working for your career day in and out, you get to own your masters , and keep creative control.  We don't get in the way of your vision, we just want to help you get there.